Friday, May 01, 2009

American Icon

It's Friday night and the phone rings, there is an urgency in the ring. I take the phone in my hand and check the ID, it is a Madison area code. I know my friend is at the Gallery night in Madison and figure he must have seen something he needs to share. As I answer the phone, there is excited breathing, gasping you could say and then he hollars, ROBERT REDFORD IS IN MADISON....whhaaatt? I answer back, sure he is are you eatting too many funnel cakes? No he is google him, so I pull my lap top which is still warm from my exciting game of Mai Jong....and he is in Madison, for the Sundance Theatre, and to possibly donate money to the Arts at Madison. I loved Robert Redford in his old movies...especially Out of Africa, I could watch the scene where he washes Meryl Streeps hair 1000 times. Now back to my game....

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