Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springing up!!!

I got the bug yesterday and finally got rid of all of the dry leaves and garbage in front of the shop. I planted geraniums and impatiens. i will be putting the tables out today and I am working on the chairs, I am going to paint them, (I have all of the stuff anyway) Today I am also putting up the Spring/Summer flowers inside the shop. I will take some photos if the sun or some sort of light ever comes out. Mother's Day we are having an Art show here at the village, it is a juried show this year, not Tupperware and Avon....sorry. Yarn school is coming up fast, only 8 days from now, and my worries of my baby are starting to compound. I want to make sure he is well taken care of, one of the drawbacks of having a fur kid. My brother and SIL would probably take him, but their two dogs, (Shipperkes) hate him, and I mean hate him, he wants to play they want to sleep. So I have another option and I am steering that way, problem is she will probably take him on 5 mile walks 4 times a day and then I can't live up to that expectation...LOL!!! AAAhhhhh I have my wheel packed, but nothing else, like clothes??? We are taking the train so it will be a great trip..hopefully the Swine flu will get contained, sure wish I could get my hands on some Tamaflu!!!!

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