Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dying Drame

So on my day off, I decided to do some dying....the studio is cold so, I figured, I can do this in my kitchen if I use all of my dyepots, no big deal. So I carry up in one trip the colors I want to use, that have previously been figured out...the kettle, spoon and a huge ball of fiber. I presoak the 50/50 silk merino and start playing. Blotching is more like it....I was not happy one bit with the colors, the techique, nothing actually. Last night in my infinite wisdom realized what I was doing wrong....something so simple I was using dye for a large amount of wool and I am doing more of a wash, so overkill. This morning I have done what I wanted to achieve. I have no photos because it is still in the pot simmering. But I do have some photos of the deer that ran across the road as I was driving. They are through the windshield in the rain.

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