Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Money Monday

Money Monday is my day off, and it seems all the shopping has to be done on those days, hence the name. I went on a road trip to "The Fold" in Marengo, Ill. Toni and Nan were wonderful hosts and I bought the most beautiful drop spindle from Gabe Casabillo, I think and some cashmere, silk blend fiber (not my color) but it was the ONLY one so I had to scarf it up!!! We did some yarn shop hunting and the shop gave us the wrong directions, so we ended up coming back to Wisconsin via some side trips. I picked Iggy up from daycare and he got a bath and is all fluffy and nice now, he always smells like bleach when he comes home and I think he wrestles with the pee mop when they clean up messes....I was cleaning the bathtub with some kind of bleach smelling crap and he was all excited like....hey I'm at daycare???? dork!!!

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