Saturday, April 25, 2009

Winter/ Summer....Wummer???

Do we get a Spring???? We are getting the rain? But how come we go from Winter to Hot? I could almost turn on the air. This is Wisconsin, we need a break from the bills. But then if we get a break from the bills they raise them so, are we really ahead. Here I sit, in jammies and sweating, but hark, I think I feel a cooler breeze....I best go get my boots out.....Ok, now that I have my rant. I have party to go to today, it is a Hippy Dippy party so I hunted down all of my gear, me dear SIL insists, i don't have to look far...which is true, but I have some real fun stuff. I have put on a few pounds since last wearing it, so it may require the old pregnancy trick of a rubber band around the button on the jeans???? If I can even squeeze my arse in them....they look big??? So then comes the mirror comparison???? hhhhmmmmmm It will be a close call. Or a tight fit.....LOL

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