Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shakin me up

So it's late and I am sitting here just chilling. Iggy starts barking and wants out and when I open the door he is barking like a maniac. I hear this dull thumping and it's coming from below my deck....I think. My heart is pounding because it sounds like someone hitting something a dull thumping. I can hear it and am looking where Iggy is looking, but it is dark and it keeps pounding...and so does my heart, then I get a glimpse of something swinging in the woods.....I am standing in my nightgown, thinking do I run back into the house and call 911 or try to see what it is....I strain my eyes and here is a kid 10 pm hitting a punching / kick bag. It is echoing off of our homes....I came in the house and am really shook up. I am glad it was nothing, and I am glad Iggy was so agressive and defensive...good boy!!!! Now if only my heart will stop pounding.....

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