Thursday, April 09, 2009


Ok, so the bank did not approve the $1.00 ebay bill??? Meanwhile I had transfered monies like I was some kind of financial wizard and doing all sorts of money transactions. So for now it is all resolved, but for your own good, get online banking so you can keep an eye on what is going on. I got alot of new yarn in and have been busy cramming it into every nook and cranny of the shop. So my play time has been limited. I am still working on the second fish mitten and have this awesome idea for a vest that Kim wrote the pattern for, I did the gauge and now am waiting for the yarn to come in. Today Iggy and I are doing a dump run, I swear for one person, I have so much garbage!!!! Is it just me or is everyone else in a Spring cleaning mood. I have been digging into my closet that is packed with clothes, that I don't wear??? I saw a Good Will truck behind me and wanted to launch some black bags over the porch and get rid of them. I really do have to unload lots of stuff!!!! Hey have a Happy Easter, it sure came up quick and yes I will be closed!!!! LOL

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Annie said...

The Purple Hearts call me every 6 weeks or so and then come and get my crap, it is so fantastic!
There must be a way for you to get on theit list if you want. They take clothes and household items. Sometimes they do sell the clothes for rags, so I tend to save my clothes for Goodwill (which is five minutes away for me) but I have given them so much stuff and cleared out tons of space.