Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting Bigger

I haven't noticed but my baby is getting bigger. I have adjusted his food so his "gas" problem isn't as bad as it was, it isn't gone but no where near as bad. LOL..
I am working on the fish mittens the second one, yes I did say the second one....I want to finish it because I have a ton of new Sport weight yarn coming in for Fair Isle knitting and want to do something with that. I think a hat is in the making. The weather is causing everyone to feel sluggish and very dreary, so we need some color to brighten things up. I am getting a good response to the PassPort event. I should be getting the new round table today, well new to more corners spots!!! Have a good day

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Dragonfly said...

Oh good, we'll survive book club night! *grin*