Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ply Split Braiding Addiction

Let me introduce the Teacher/Weaver Lou French!!!

This was our class room and Jean Hutchinson is assisting in making cords and many of them.

Char is working on the Wave braid

My wave braid key ring.....did I mention how fun this is?

I have used most of my cord so now I am in a waiting period for the winder.
So I told you I took a class last weekend. At one of the Weavers Guild Meetings, one of the Members had on a beautiful necklace, that was reminiscent of macrame. I asked if she made it and if she said yes and then I asked what technique it is and she told me Ply Split braiding....Voila and obsession is born. I searched every site I could to find out as much information as I could and kept hitting walls. I paid wayyyyy too much for book from Peter Collingworth only to find as the rest of Peters book it is an excellent historical reference but toooooo technical to figure out. So now I have a book, and a very basic knowledge of Ply Split braiding. Then a class was offered by Lou French. I was thrilled, I was excited.....I didn't sleep the night before. It was wonderful. It was so fun to learn a totally new technique, I was sucking up as much information as I could....a monster has been created.
Drawback-you make your own cords to do this. This entails, a device that goes on your drill to twist the cords...Ok I want one and Lou sells them but she didn't have the wait and we all know how much I hate to wait. So I have been rationing my cord braiding, in hopes that the winder gets here soon. I asked Lou if I could teach the class and she sort of gave me her blessing. I understand now why, it is hard to write the directions and it is hard to explain, so she has done a wonderful job!!! Thanks Lou

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