Monday, April 07, 2008

Fiber diet to Knit longer?

Well I went to the Dr. this morning and of course he brought up the fact that I gained like 15 pounds in a nano second. I know it he knows it my pants know it. So he said I need to eat healthier or....
1. I will get diabetes, it is inevitable and weight is a great invite.
2. I will have a stroke and I am so overweight that I don't want anyone to have to lift my dead horse weight onto a stretcher.
3. I will have a heart attack? Also a family inheritance.
So here's the plan.
I want to knit longer!!!! We can still party at all our things but we have to choose healthier alternatives. With summer coming, there is a lot of fruit and veggies we can graze on.
So, I am starting a Fiber diet.
We will weigh in once a week and record it in our journal. I am thinking Thursday anytime, you can check in. I have a lying @$%^#^ scale. here and I will get on it in front of everyone too and I am no light weight. We will put $2.00 a week into a pot and after 3 months whoever lost the most honest weight will win the money to spend on Fiber. It will be like a Weight Watcher meeting, we can do this if we don't stand alone. So If you are interested let me know. I am starting tomorrow!!! I do want to live longer and healthier, with my life as perfect as it is right now I don't want to screw it up!!!! Join me????

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