Friday, April 04, 2008

What can Joey do for Brown?

If I never get another UPS delivery you can thank Joey!!!! Otherwise refered to as Precious!!!! We were hanging out knitting, and Joey comes running down the steps to make me aware that the UPS driver is pulling up. Now for the most part she doesn't run out the back door.....but I think with Spring in the air and Squirrels darting back and forth on the road, I think Joey is having a harder time containing herself? Compared to what you may ask but she really doesn't run out if I tell her to stay. In defense of her, the FedEx guy Vince loves her and riles her up every time he makes a delivery, playing with her and making her jump and go crazy. The UPS guy is more serious and I open the door and he hands me a package and Joey flys past me and nails the poor guy in the Nutz.....there was a quick jerk forward and my ackward "joey get in here" I quickly closed the door. I did hear the truck drive off so I know he wasn't too crippled to drive, so I sighed a sigh of relief and chuckled a little as I turned and told the woman what just happend. So if I don't get anymore deliveries from UPS, I guess I understand.

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