Saturday, April 12, 2008

Booby Sock, Bad girl

Confession of a sweet addict.....I bought a I bought two brownies....I took two bites of each and threw them out...they really didn't taste like a thought they would. I took them out of the box they came in and really threw them out. Not just set in the box close to the garbage. No, I put coffee grounds on them....and dirty kleenix, I hate dirty kleenix. I really craved them, and I was disappointed....was it guilt....I don't think so, was it my desire to eat better???? well....I am proud of myself that I didn't just keep shoving them in regardless of taste??? I do have issues. So to keep busy hands, I started my Booby sock. it's a fun knit!!!! Small but fun. I can only do so much because it is so tiny. But maybe I will inspire you to start your Booby sock for Breast Cancer. and not eat brownies????

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