Sunday, April 06, 2008

Martha did it!!!!

I have been so excited about this class I took this weekend. I have had a hard time sleeping, thinking of all the stuff I need to bring and one was my Ott light. So I placed it on the back counter behind some stuff (Imagine that) Well needless to say Martha was sitting back there and in this High Fashion Drama she threw her head back swooped her arms and knocked my poor Ott light on the floor. I think that is what happened... I kept saying it's OK, but with the moment of class closing in I needed the light NOW, it has been in hibernation for years and NOW I need it. So after Martha left, I picked up my poor, bruised Ott light, carefully plugged in it's life line and gently opened it up and breath....dead!!!!! Pushing up daisies , dirt nap....gone never to shine it's little light any more. My eyes teared up a tad...I caressed it's smooth sides and then started to rip it's top off to try to extract the light bulb. That is what was broken, so I grabbed my JoAnne coupon and off to shop I went....being a little afraid and limited on time that the bulb was not the only thing broke, I found a really cute Pink Ott light for dirt cheap on clearance so I grab it and off to the checkout I go. The clerk who is younger than me says."Honey this coupon is expired...yesterday?" As tears welled up in my eyes , I told her about how Martha Broke, I mean accidentally trashed my other Ott light and I need it for a class tomorrow and it was given to me by Great Grandmother and "sob" being that I lost a family heirloom, I grabbed the wrong coupon and did I mention I need it tomorrow!!! She caved!!! So off I danced with my new light and used it happily this weekend.....
Martha has offered to replace it but this is just tooooooo much fun. I would rather her not so I can keep mentioning the fact that she destroyed maliciously my humble Ott Light...but hands off the pink one Baby!!!!!! Tomorrow photos of the class which was way cool!!!!!

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Annie said...

There is a PINK OTT LIGHT?!?!?!?! Where? I must have one!