Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm alive pass the Fiber....

That elephant on my belly was actually swollen colon, I have more fiber don't just spin it!!!! I think it's Patty's fault for letting me buy all that popcorn at Goodies, in Shorewood. Awesome Caramel corn and Cheese corn and candy and and and, you too can have an inflamed bowel!!!!! Just kidding. I am better now, I am taking antibiotics in megadoses!!!! So what is new??? I have started on my 50th project not to be finished??? I have got to start finishing something. I see all of these really cool projects and customers come in with so many great ideas and with my attention span (of a gnat) I have to start something else fun.

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Kelly A said...

I am sorry to hear that you still were feeling like "crap" oh man that was way too easy!!!!!! Glad to know the elephant packed his trunk and left!! Soon ewe will be feeling better!! PS only 50 projects started?? Slowing down huh???? Seriously I am glad you are feeling better!!!