Sunday, March 16, 2008

What not to do when you have the flu!!!

UUUhhhhmmm, For lack of a better thing to do while I was sick, too sick to knit, I decided to close the toes on some socks I cranked out on my sock machine......!!! If you have bunions and are in need of socks with a gnarly mess on either end, let me know!! Being sick my lack of concentration and eye hand co ordination was greatly depleted, why on earth did I think I could close toes, stitch by stitch. I will keep the socks for myself, you should see the mess I made on a heel!!! I think I am feeling better if I could only get the elephant off of my lower abdomen???? Not sure what that is? I would say my uterus is bloated but that has been gone for 14 years? Maybe my ovaries are the size of basketballs? Something is not right, I may go to the Urgent care today and if they give me a $200 enima, I'll just, you got it poop!!!!

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