Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm still hot!!!!

But now it comes in Flashes!!!! Aint't that the truth!!! I am sitting here in a t-shirt and flashing like a maniac!!!! Speaking of flashing, I had to take my mom to the Dr. yesterday, Kim watched the shop for me. So I come waltzing in, in the afternoon and sit down to chat and proclaim it sure it hot in the shop? Kim replys with "I didn't even turn on the little heater." Sara her daughter is stripped down to a tshirt and says "it is hot!" I figure the temp outside is a little warmer than usual but Holy Cow I am really hot!!!! So for whatever reason I get up and walk to the front of the shop and it's even hotter!!!! I glance at the Electric Heat Dial, that somewhat resembles the light dial a foot away and notice it's on Maximum or 100!!!! AAAAccckkkkk, Kim accidentally cranked the wrong dial!!!! The shop has never been so warm in it's history!!!!! So for all of you at breakfast club that thought you were having a power surge, false alarm, just a case of mistaken identity!!!
I am working on the new Noro yarn that came in, yes it is here. As is some new colors of Malabrigo. I have some new yarns coming in hopefully with in the next couple of weeks.
The booby sock is not yet in, sorry, they said March 1st??? What a surprise!!! So don't forget about the Friendship Hat this Sunday!!! Enjoy the warm weather.....maybe Kim had something to do with it????

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