Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mission Accomplished!!

Many of you have met my SIL Cheryl. She is the best Sister in Law anyone could have, she deserves a better name, she is more my friend, supporter, favorite critic. She has NO hobbies!! I know I said it...no hobbies!!! She is a hard worker, likes to shop and grocery shops more than anyone I know, but....no hobbies. While helping me move and carrying bags of yarn around for weeks, I think something rubbed off? Saturday during my open house, she was helping me and I had a pair of square knitting needles with some yarn on it, for people to try. She asked me about it and I showed her and she is addicted. I gave her a book and she is eatting it up....then she has the nerve to ask me, why I never told her it was so addicting? I guess she doesn't remember schleping the million bags of yarn and fiber up from my studio?? So now she is digging through drawers looking for more yarn!! I am so happy, she is finally hooked!!! You will now be seeing her at my Meetups and whatever else she can go to for her addiction!!


Anonymous said...

Another convert. Just wait till you introduce her to sock knitting...muhahaha!

Betty said...

The big day has come. I'm looking forward to seeing your new shop. See you on Saturday.