Monday, December 18, 2006


Sometimes I think I am pretty selfish. I am selfish with my time and space and things like that. But...when I retreat to my home, I find I really am not selfish at all. I share every aspect of my life with none other than my animals. I sit in my recliner and I can almost guarantee, I will have two furry creatures, one by my arm, one by my feet, purring and snoring. I take a bath and I have a cat that likes to be rubbed down with warm water sitting on the edge of the tub and the dog is hoping I will let her lick the soap. I cook and I have to watch where I walk, I have two animals circling under my feet. Anyone that has used my bathroom will attest to the fact that the cat seems to lurk by the door waiting for a new sucker to go in, and then he starts his ritual of looking as sad as he can into your eyes while you are perched on the commode. Reaching up with one arm like he is begging for you to pet him. I go to bed and I share that too with both of them, to the point that if I happen to move during the night the dog growls with disgust and annoyance, that I should bother her sleep. I guess when I look at it I am not selfish, just lucky!!! Lucky they let me live in thier house!!!!

My website is fixed!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!


Betty said...

I can attest to the same thing. I have a dog sleeping in my lap as I write this shielding eyes from the light. The poor thing fell out of bed this morning and then had to spend the entire day alone. Plus the big guy accidentally felted his Pendlton sweater and I haven't had time to knit him a new one. The poor baby. and to think, I wanted him to fix supper last night. The nerve of some people.

Krosha Chick said...

Why is it that my cats firmly believe I am incapable of taking a dump by myself. Perhaps it's the draw of a closed door? Maybe they secretly get off on the smell. Dunno, but I find it hard to perform with an audience!