Thursday, November 30, 2006

Take a deep breath!!!

The time is nearing....Only two more days...till O day!!! Will the Stockings be hung by the chimney? Will the chestnuts be roasted? Will I comb my hair? Probably not..but who cares, while time is flying past me, I am in my recliner, feet up, toe nail polish drying, playing on my laptop? This is how Jan works, wait till the last minute, then work your arse off. Have a panic attack and wonder what the hell is wrong with me? Go and graze in the kitchen...a little Attention Deficit Syndrome here...!!! OK, I'm going downstairs to work as soon as I am finished. Have I told you how much like Christmas it is around here? Oh my the UPS guy and I are on first name basis...I love him, he brings me gifts!!! I think he is a little worried about me, I heard him whisper "Stalker" to his I stood in the door of his truck...What can brown do for you? Let me tell you!!! Well it's time to get dressed and assume my position at the window watching for a brown truck!!!

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