Monday, November 13, 2006

My new Open House!!!

For those of you that are getting, switched over to my blog, I better update it!!! I have made the move to my new Store/Home. That does not mean that I have sold my house, so if anyone knows anyone that wants to buy my old house...please help me!!!! I still am not totally settled into the new place, nor moved totally out of the old place...but I am working on it!!!
December 2nd is the Opening day, with the Christmas Stroll in the Market Place. There will be Santa and Carolers and a String Quartet, games for the children and lots of Christmas Cheer!!! That is from 10-4. Then my big Christmas Open House will be December 9th, from 2:00-8:00pm. I will have music, and refreshments....door prizes and Good Cheer!!! I sure hope you can make one of the two events!!! I will have weekly hours to be announced...I know I will be closed on Mondays, no one here at the mall is open Monday. Please stop by!!!
I am located on Hwy 32& Puetz rd. in Oak Creek. My address is 8615 S. Market Place....I can't wait to see you all!!!!

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Betty said...

I'm marking my calander for your opening. Opening your own store has it's up side and down. It is a super thing for you to do, but it means I'll have to hang out in your store and get in the way to see you. Hey that might not be so bad. This is just so sweet for you!!!