Monday, June 02, 2008

Hee Haw!!!

This laugh is on me....Monday's are Money Mondays. I do most of my errands on Monday and spend most of the money I have on Mondays...hence the name Money Monday!!! So on my circle of errands I stopped at Barnes and Noble and I was not looking for a knitting book, I was looking for a good whole food cook book. So as I looked from row to row with my neck kinked over in a ninety degree angle trying to read spines and trying to keep my balance, I happened upon the book above. Hhhmmmm I love my Magic Bullet (small blender) for those of you with your minds in the gutter!!!! It is perfect for one person for making salad dressing, chicken salad, egg salad, sauces and so much more....Italian Ices....Imagine my smile as I tried to straighten out my neck to read the book the right way. I opened it and the first recipe was some kind of Ginger Dressing with Sesame and you blend it and my heart was pounding... who would have thought someone wrote a whole book on my little blender? I think I may have to have this all my excitement I started to read the book tonight because God only knows I have nothing to do but read a cookbook, I got half of the description right.... book!!!!! So laying back and reading, I seem to notice they don't tell you to blend some of these recipes or how many times to push the blender and hhhmmmm let me look in the contents, Bioflavonoids? This Magic Bullet book is about healthy recipes too, wow I got more than I had even hoped...except that is the Magic Bullet, it's not about a stinking blender it's about the Magic of eatting Bioflavonoids!!!!!! So here's another book for the shelf. Here's my sign "Call me stupid!!!"

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Dragonfly said...

if it makes you feel better, when I saw just the cover before I started reading... I assumed it was for the Magic Bullet little blender too! (and I don't even have one) Also, looking at comments on Amazon, it's definitely not just us!!