Saturday, June 14, 2008

My apologies for whining

So as I sit back and assess the situation...Shame on me for whining. I now know what happened in my basement and I also know it isn't the worst. I turn on TV and could cry at the loss of so many people. I drive around the area and it makes me ill to see households sitting on the curb waiting the garbage truck. I had a drop of water in comparison to others. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of those people. I also was a little smug in thinking "I have insurance" oh I do, it won't cover the plumber and the carpeting and the possibly 5 boxes of wet deductable is $1,000.00. I guess my thinking is if I loose my appliances down there, then it will be a loss. In other words, my Bush incentive check which won't even get here till July or August, is already spent 3 different ways, but at least I know it's coming.
Today is WWKiP day!!!!! I have lots of Door Prizes and we will have snacks and freebies, so be sure and stop by, for a little while anyway!!!! I think we may see sunshine!!!!! I know, I am asking a lot but I heard it was making a guest appearance!!!! Stay dry and Safe!!!!

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annie said...

I say whine away, it still sucks, man!

Driving down my street was so hard the first few days. Everybody's crap is all out, the freaks are scrounging for things they will wash and use, and then when the city comes to clean up, they drive a small front end loader right up onto the curb into your grass. That made me feel so sick at my stomach to see.

It ALL sucks. I feel like I have no business whining when I see the people in Iowa. Now if you were whining about getting a hail dent in your car, I would probably hope yout got hemmorhoids....