Friday, June 27, 2008

I have corpses in my ears????

I have a dead mosquito corpse in my ear. I am not kidding it was the attack of the killer mosquito herd. (It came out) The bumps are starting, on all the good spots, like my ankles, between my fingers....behind my knees and elbows and wrist bones. Maybe they know I am a I will have these very attractive red circles all over for my vacation.....Now what I find hard to figure out is, when I need blood drawn they actually had to do an ultrasound to find a vein so they didn't have to dig for one. How come these batards can find them with a micro needle and no technology???? Ok so I know it's not a vein but I feel thinner, less blood.....I think I'm down a quart. When I signed off last night I turned around and there were 10 on the wall, I couldn't find the camera???? So today I got smart and closed the door to the eh eh... tonight one mosquito.....and he my friends is a dead one. Now when I go to sleep if I hear the ultimate zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....I am taking a Benadryl and let them eat cake....I hope they get diabetes from all the sugar in my blood.....
Knitting,....hhhmmmmm I am knitting on ....a bunch of socks, an old sweater, well it's never been finished, but has been risen from a basket....from when I cleaned...remember!!!! Thank. you for all the wonderful ideas for keeping the bites away

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