Friday, June 06, 2008

Soft warm Fuzzy's

I am feeling a new love.....I am holding it and caressing it and petting it. I am playing with it and admiring it's's quality and it is Yarn....oh yeah baby!!! I just got in some Aruancania, I'm sure it is the wrong spelling because I totally destroyed the label in a mad attempt to wind the yarn into a ball. You should hear how I pronounce it!!! It is Merino, Alpaca and Silk and it's yummy, the dying is in short spurts so when you knit it , it doesn't stripe it speckles. I am making a beginner hat, so when my beginning knitting class gets to the last week, I will show them what the hat pattern looks like. My other sample hat got handed in to a Charity hat program somewhere?
My son and his fiance are taking her mom and I to Quebec and Montreal for the 400 anniversary celebration. I will be closed 4th of July weekend. This is the first vacation I will have been on since I opened the shop. It will be fun and a good chance to get to know the in laws. I am going to try to sneak to some yarn shops. I may have to ditch everyone else, maybe I'll pretend to have a headache or .....need coffee, which may be located near a YS..! I don't pretend to travel well with others, I tend to be a loner and like exploring on my own. My son will have no problem with this at all... I have a strong need for alone time and 7 days of togetherness may put me on Prozac. or Qualudes, one of the two. I am totally optimistic about this though and I know it will be a good time. Her mom is very nice as is she. I am brushing up on my French (pastries). Stay dry and knit up a storm!!!!

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have fun!!