Monday, June 09, 2008

Call me ....stupid?

I take photos of my feet, yarn, flowers, yarn, bugs, tattoos, pancakes,did I mention yarn, but do I take photos of my wet basement? Do I, the one that has her phone on her at all times, when the water was streaming in....think to take a photo? Even if only to blog the disaster? Do I take photos of the rolls of wet carpeting now in the dumpster? Heck no...because I am brain dead and the insurance company knows how trustworthy I am....isn't everybody? Do you think someone might lie about this??? So tomorrow before the dumpster guy comes, and hoping no one threw garbage on top of it, I will be doing some dumpster diving to get a photo. Why not, I have come to like smelling like wet .....anything...on the other hand.I am so sick of the smell of wet concrete , that I even dread the thought of a shower, but not that I take it in wet concrete, but water, in any form is scary !!! I would go out there tonight but the raccoons tend to inhabit the dumpster at night and they are probably sitting on the carpeting munching on chicken scraps. If I open the lid and bother them, they get downright nasty. So I am going to take photos of the drying cement, the fans, the dehumidifier, the piles of totes and the clean area, had they seen the basement before they would gasp to see a "clean" area. I hate the look of the bare concrete and had a sudden urge/stupid idea to do that epoxy floor down there, but if water keeps making an appearance how good is that stuff? I do know there will be no carpeting down there, I repeat the nice carpeting is out....!!!! Oh, Oh and good news, the Insurance agent called and I DO have sewer/sump back up coverage, unlike the Emergency hotline woman that said I didn't, I knew I did or thought I had ordered it about a month after I moved in here. But of course they tried to say I didn't...I knew I did, so I can see where this is going with no photos, in an age of cell phones, with cameras, and digital cameras and me just freaking out and forgetting to take photos?

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Dragonfly said...

I'm so glad your covered! I hope you got the pictures, even if a little late.