Friday, June 06, 2008

Auntie Em, where's Toto?

Just another quiet Friday at the shop....customers shopping and visiting and knitting. It is about 3ish and the weather has turned ugly. I am getting as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs and at the door is a familiar face....Martha. Martha is looking a tad nervous Ok? I ask and she is talking fast and hyper, the storm is ...well it's right behind me and almost here. You sure, I have TV on and they said it's out West of here? Come on in and knit a while, we can listen to the weather together...hey that rhymes... The phone calls start, It's Lois....hey Janny, they said there is tornado warnings in Oak Creek? Ok thanks, text message...Hey mom, are you Ok? Tornado headed your way. Hey Martha? We better get in the basement. Martha has never been in the "Studio/crap filled basement" Hey I've never been down here...oh really, I spend most of tornado season down here, under that beam on that there chair,under the stairway. You can sit there. So there we were, another phone call from Karen in Mukwanago, "I hope you're in the basement" I am thanks!!!! My son is texting again to see if we're Ok, and I tell him to send food!!! I try to work this cheap crappy weather radio I bought for this special reason and I can't get any reception, works really well. I have my flashlight and lantern. There we sit looking at each other Martha has her fiber in hand and purse in the other hand and I am fidgeting. Which one of us will get the Ruby slippers? While Martha was on the phone calling her husband, a huge centipede went fluttering behind her on the wall and I almost said, Oh I hope you aren't afraid of centipedes, but something told me to shut up , that she would be and I would be trampled over and no one would get the Ruby slippers. So Martha there was a huge Centipede right behind your you shut up and I get the slippers.
Thanks to everyone for comforting me when I am freaking out about storms, but the centipede and Martha kept me busy!!!!


Anonymous said...

I ain't afraid of no cenitpede! But goddammit, I'm from Kansas and I,I,I get those ruby slippers! No, you shut up!

Posted in between periods of sitting in the basement on Saturday.

Bonnie said...

MOVE OVER i get RUBY BOOTS screw the slippers, my house feels like a lil island ... deep deep water all around and no hipwaders in sight!! Hubby is off at sons house helping him with basement flooding and here i sit with the kittycats and puppy staring outside & praying that the rain just goes AWAY and comes back in hmmm hows AUGUST sound?? :)
Glad youre ok over there tho!