Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Janism "Two more sleeps"

What this means is , I go to bed two more times and when I wake up it's the day I go on Vacation!!!! When I used to be a kid, and we were going somewhere special and in those days that didn't mean Great America, It could mean Christmas, I would go to bed really early because when I woke up it would be the day of the Event. That is if I could sleep!!!! I have my bag packed with clothes actually and now if you pack conservatively, it leaves more room for fun. Like yarn and fiber and spindles and needles and more. So I figure if I pack early I can plan for my fun stuff. I am almost done with the sock that the name eludes me at this moment. The Cat Bordhi sock in a kit???? It was fun to knit and I hope it will be finished soon, if I keep working on it, I am on the cuff. I found about 6 more mosquito bites tonight, that was fun. I am going to got to sleep now so when I wake up it will be one more sleep!!!! What a tard!!!!

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