Sunday, July 06, 2008

BonJour from Quebec

I am having a great time. We have walked 100 miles and I think I am losing weight on this vacation? The kids are dragging me up hills (Quebec is on a huge hill/mountain.) I told them to take a photo of me because I know I am going to die!!!! I made it and my feet are not totally falling off. My heel spur decided to start acting up, but 20 Aleve a day seems to be helping! The weather is warm during the day and cool and wonderful at night. I think I have sunburn on my neck. I found some wonderful sweaters that I am bringing home for the shops designer alias Kim to pattern up. They are made of and you will not believe what I am going to say....Acrylic but would be wonderful in wool. I am speaking Ghetto French and trying hard to not look like a dorky tourist. It's not working, the camera around my neck is probably a dead give away....just kidding!!! Today I had my first tasse le cafe elonge (cup of coffee) outside on a patio. I finally asked what is the proper thing to order after getting 3 Espressos in a row and the jitters for a lifetime. It was wonderful, there are tons of cafes all over and I am taking advantage of them all. I am having a great time, I think I said that already but it is wonderful here. The people are friendly and Old Quebec is reminiscent of our little village in the Market place, only the shops are open and busy. They are three stories high and have open windows with no screens. (this is a fascination with me because I can't imagine life in Milwaukee with no screens. There are flowers hanging everywhere and the streets are all cobblestone. It is picture perfect, but I cannot post them yet because it would cost a fortune to transfer data, or I think. We visited the Castle, and walked where Royalty walked 400 years ago. That is where we walked up hill forever and I was sure to die up there or half way, coming down I told them to walk behind me because if I loose my footing I will take them out like a bowling ball. Tomorrow we go to Montreal for more .....walking and more fun. If I hung around these kids any length of time I would be thin. Isn't that a scary thought, for them. LOL Hey you at the shop, hope you are having fun? Wish you were here!!! hhahahahahahaha Later mes ami and au revoir. Ah yes I am knitting on my Traveling Scarf and getting totally weird looks.


Lois said...

Hi Girl!
So glad you are having fun! We did miss and talk about you at the shop yesterday and hoped you were having lots and lots of fun.

Dragonfly said...

sounds like you are having a wonderful time, can't wait to hear more when you are back home. (and see those pictures!)

Bonnie said...

Glad youre having a great time!! AND im shocked you touched much less bought acrylic sweaters!!! :) Keep having fun, and take lots of pictures to share next week!!

Anonymous said...

actually, it's "café allongé". "Café au lait" is good too: it's one expresso shot plus a lot of warm milk.

Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are having a wonderful time. Sunday was not the same without you and Martha. Hey next time leave us some tunes when you decide to skip town:)

Drive safe and see ya soon.