Friday, July 11, 2008

Flying Carpet Socks

I am trying to get back into the groove. I finished a hat for Charity, actually I did it twice, once it was too small according to the pattern and second by my pattern and now it is better. I also am looking at finishing the Cat Bordhi sock, I am so close. I am working on the contrasting flaps in between the other flaps? Ok that made little to no sense....!!! I did a farenheit to celcius comparison and it was 97-100 degrees in Canada when we were there, and I think the humidity was the same. Knowing that is a two edged sword, I know when I was there it was really hot, had I known the real temp, it would have felt hotter. I in my pea brain kept trying to figure out what 38 celcius was and kept adding it to 32 which is freezing and came out obviously with 70 and knew it was hotter than 70, so when my traveling partner who is Serbian says it's 100 (every other Country but this one is Celsius), I didn't want to believe she actually knew what she was talking about? I really did believe her but at 100 degrees at home I would be basking in air conditioning with a cool glass of lemonade, not walking on concrete with the sun beating down with no hat, no drink, up hill all the way. I swear all of these cities are on hill and when I thought I would reach the top there was more and I would look back behind me and wonder when the downhill part would come and it didn't??? I think once I went downhill, and was afraid if I lost my footing I would wipe everyone out in front of my like a huge bowling ball that had sweat flying off of it. Not to mention the strand of yarn flying behind me. Have you ever been to that place in the Dells where everything is tilted, I began walking like that, leaning forward with my feet bent at a precarius angle. I am better now. LOL!!! At one of the cafes I ordered a Lemonade and got this awesome citrus ade, I am trying to duplicate it, it was Lemon and grapefruit, a little orange all in blender with ice....I didn't want to leave. I think I have finally caught up on sleep...then again maybe not...zzzz Well it's time to get ready for opening...

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