Saturday, July 12, 2008

Canada Vacation photos

That statue was not quite a weird as it looks in the photo, the traveling scarf is being held in it's left hand or it's right hand on the left side....oh figure it out!!!
This is one of those dreaded, "Are you going to make me look at Vacation photos?" But the good thing here is you have a choice.
The best way to view them is to do a slideshow.
So it was supposed to be cool today so I shut off the air and open all the windows and now it's hot and muggy??? My poor air conditioner is so confused, on or off, on or off, windows open windows closed??
I have them open but my arm is sticking to the computer desk, so it may be a short sprint to close everything up and enjoy the cooooool, dry air.
Canadian Vacation photos click here


Dragonfly said...

that painted wall is awesome!

Vern said...

What a bunch of lovely vacation photos. You must have a really nice camera. Makes me want to take a Canada tour myself. One day...