Saturday, July 19, 2008

Smurf Tongue Birthday Girl

So it's kind of a long story but Once upon a time a few of us decided to dye our tongues with Pixie Sticks. We had a contest who could do the most Pixie sticks...I went into a sugar coma, so I don't remember the outcome, but we still laugh about it. I had a sugar hangover the whole next day and Lois had a migraine for a couple of weeks!!! We see Pixie sticks and still laugh about it. Lois had a birthday Friday!!! She's older than me....I won't let her forget that either. Only by a few months but still, she was breathing air when I was still swimming in embriotic fluid....eeewwww. I am getting a visual of me doing tumbles like Esther Williams in her glass tank. It may have been the only time I was agile? So anyway, I had seen these really big Pixie sticks that you fill with the poison er I mean sugar of your choice. Now this is how my mind works, I had just seen them last year and I remember them being about 5 feet long and 1" round????? When I got to the place and with a wide smile and anticipation I asked for the largest one....she pulls out a 4 foot, Ok maybe 3'foot something and about as big around as a dime....imagine my look? I can't even use the excuse I was smaller than and it looked bigger? Maybe I have such a warped sense of excitement or anticipation that I see things that are not....through the eyes of a child I think.....Oh well. I took great pride in filling the straw with colors that Lois would love....and blue of course, because blue makes your tongue blue!!! I layered the sugar like a fine sand painting, and didn't want it to end.
So Lois is showing you how not only did it turn her tongue blue but her teeth, lips, tonsils and probably more that we don't want to know!!! Happy Birthday Lois!!!!
Yesterday after I closed I went to Midwest Fiber and Folk Art took me 1.5 hours to get there via google maps. I saw beautiful horse ranches and lakes and enjoyed my journey. The map took me to ....City Hall? Well if that is what you google, Crystal Lake, City Hall is where you will end up. So I drove into town, which was buzzing and I asked some lady how to get to the College....these were her exact words....go up there right, go straight, go left straight and then there's a big stop intersection and go right....straight...I think!! So smiling politely and nodding my head in empty agreement, I thanked her and rolled up the window .....quickly. I did find it after realizing the street named Virginia was Hwy 14 that I was looking for and it wasn't marked???? The show was fun, it was nice to see some old friends and fiber people. I came home with an armload of soap. I ate great Shiskabob and was directions went something like...take 14 right, .8 miles turn left on Crv24 , .5 miles and then right on Greenridge rd. 3.5 miles and for Godsake I missed something, as I was fumbling for the light and the map and there's deer up ahead playing chicken with me daring me to get closer so they can jump out in front of me. Crap???? I think I was headed for Janesville, a direct opposite from where I wanted to go???? Call a friend with a computer and plug in your headset and let them talk you through it!!! I have a homing device in daylight hours only..(I use the sun) could say I'm screwed? 3 hours later I pull into home!!!! Wasn't that fun!!!!!

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