Monday, July 14, 2008

Enjoying Tradition

I did something last night that I probably haven't done for .......15 years? I went to a church festival. I wanted to hear the Eddie Butts band. I love music and Scott and Cheryl and I went to do something different. Well the idea of a chicken dinner from Rupenas, did have something to do with it. The great part, the crowd was was a beautiful day, but I figure maybe Graduations, Weddings, who knows who cares, it wasn't crowded and that's all that matters to me. The music was so loud it was really distorted, and now I can hardly hear!!!! Just like the good old days when you would go to a dance and the hum of the speakers would resound in your ears for hours after, then you know it was a good concert!!!! We walked in and ate immediatly to avoid what we thought would be a rush? Then headed for the Carny stuff for a ....oh yeah baby a Funnel cake, fried in week old carny grease, nothing compares!!!! Then you won't believe this ....Scott and Cheryl went on the ....oh my God I forgot the name..Tilt o Whirl????? ...brain fart or too loud of music, or there I stood shoving greasy funnel cake into my piehole and was laughing so hard.....They were spinning at first not so fast and then they were pinned into the shell of the vynal clad seats, heads back and mouths was hysterical. I saw a few guys from work and that was fun, but the one that is still cracking me up ....I see this guy his name is Cliff..... a really nice guy and he was eatting corn

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