Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's it gonna take?

I have things I need to get done. I have a busy two months and seem to be in an energy slump. I have some spinning that I have to do. I have a Sketchbook challenge that I am stumped on, instead of just plowing through it, I am not getting inspired. The challenge is "highly prized" this is a tough one. Of course my family is first and foremost, but I want to go beyond that, so I drew a picture of my camera, because IT can capture all the highly prized things in my life. So a drawing of a camera, just sitting there is not complete, I need to do something else, color or something, maybe a splash of water color in the backround???? Then there is another fiber challenge called "Change" I have the idea in my head and now I am going to get to work on it. I am planning on dying the silk today to do the project, if I can get off of my arse and do it. It will take me 20 min. at most to do this and I am dawdling my time away. I also need to felt some clogs...am I doing it? Normally it takes a new venture to get me going and I have new ventures what is the hold up??? Wednesday I am taking my camera to knitting to start my photo project called "How we knit"! Speaking of knitting, I am bored with everything I am doing right now.....so I need to do something else, like finish my weaving, or at least work on it. In the shop, I will soon be doing inventory...let me say one thing...ugh, it won't take long to do but it is another one of those, has to be done, don't want to do it. I want to watch movies and take a nap. What is it going to take to get motivated??
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Hanna said...

epik drawing!