Sunday, January 02, 2011

Displaced outrage

Today on the news they are cutting more city bus routes?  I don't understand why no one is upset about this but losing the High speed Lite rail was such a tragedy.  We didn't get the money or the hassle of upkeep on a rail line that no one, that is supposed to be able to use, it can or could afford.  The people for it are arguing that the rail will bring inner city people to the burbs for jobs.. ?  at what cost?  Apparently we can't afford to keep inner city bus lines running?   These are the lines that get people to jobs.  We lost  a bus line right out here in Oak Creek the southern most burb of Milwaukee County and there are at least three Senior living centers here, and lets face it the lowest paid hardest jobs go to the inner city or lower income people and where do they live?  They have to walk about 5 blocks to get to the bus, this is what is wrong.  People that work in Brookfield need bus lines to go there, or Waukesha, not to Madison, if they work in Madison and don't have a car they LIVE in Madison.  The high speed rail is for the people with money.  How often I wanted to take the Amtrak to Chicago but if you have two people it is cheaper to drive.  It cost $50 round trip, you don't hear of the inner city workers taking the Amtrak and that is, as high speed, as any rail that makes stops along the way will be.  My support goes to accomodating the workers and people that need bus lines IN THE city!!!  What would be better yet is to get high enough paying jobs that low income people could afford rent where they work.  If you work in Brookfield, Mequon, you should be able to afford to live where you work.  I am all for progress but if we look at the big picture and avoid the small picture we are really missing out.  We need to get some sort of affordable transportation for everyone!!  I give kudos to those that wait everyday at bus stops in the bitter cold or horrible heat to get to any job!  I did it when I was in high school and after I graduated, and when I turn the key in my ignition, or pass people standing at the bus stop with little kids or bundled up, it always reminds me just how lucky I am.

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