Monday, January 03, 2011

Avoiding the gripper

I watch Law and Order and just love it and it always amazes me that they even ask someone, what were you doing on December 27th at 3:00?  I would have no idea, and here's proof.  Since Friday, I have had a weird tight feeling in my chest...almost to the point of saying to my friends on New Years Eve, " I think we need to take a ride to the ER".  It is still a tight feeling, not a pain but you know heart attacks in women are not the same in men.  I fear the "gripper" my dad used to get that, he had angina for as long as I can remember and we were taught that if dad is laying down and doesn't respond or if he is gripping his chest, he has a little bottle of pills in his pocket a brown bottle with a screw on cap that has little bitty pills in it hiding under the white cotton ball, and we needed to place one pill under his tongue.  Thankfully we never had to do this but it had come close.  Needless to say heart trouble is prevalent in my family and is in the back of my mind.  I have an enlarged heart and have had for a very long time, but this tightness wasn't going away?  I decided last night if indeed it was not gone by the morning I would go to the ER.  So this morning up at 4am, took a bath in preparation for admittance and a heart cath, I even defurred.  Took Iggy to daycare and told them my friend may be picking him up, paid my bills and went to the ER.  I was the only one there and they were very attentive.  IV, EKG, Blood drawn and Xray, then they gave me this awful drink, just in case it was indigestion, it numbed my mouth and throat.  Everything came up negative,  so I am good to go, but he asked if I did something this last week that could have caused chest muscle discomfort?  HHHmmmm let me see?  uuuhhhmmmmmm this made me think if I would be a suspect in a murder, and they asked me what I was doing on so and so day.....I can't remember last week?  But I am still thinking about it, I did scrub the floor??  Dust...Vacuum, which once again leads me to believe housekeeping is BAD for your health.  So until I go to do the same thing again, I won't remember until that Ahhhha moment!!!  Now I am going to spin, some cashmere.

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jolene said...

how about the packer game and an extra helping of burgandy mushrooms? that's enough to bring on "the gripper"!