Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Knitting toys

Isn't it fun when you get some new shiny or not gadget.  I love my gadgets!  Some were, or are, better than others.  Some have found their way to the darkest corners of my studio, but then you hit on something really good and you wonder how you lived without it.  Companies are always putting out new and improved yarn gadgets and I'm on it.  Who doesn't love putting all of your projects into the bags and filling the pockets with little trinkets or treasures.  The Oh so sweet little stitch markers you got from a friend, and they came in a little round tin with a see thru lid. (I love little boxes with lids)  Sometimes they are pretty useless because they catch on everything in sight, but they are so cute.  I got a new toy for Christmas and am going to fill it up today because it will hold this huge project with 20 balls of yarn.  So I will be absent for a while playing with a new toy!!!  What new toy did you get??? or love??  I lost the photo????

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