Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slush Baby

Today I ran errands I didn't get done yesterday. I thought as long as I am out I will stop and see what kind of soup is cooking at Soup Market. I pull up in front of the shop, get my quarter for the meter and try to find a spot to get up on the curb. There is a slush moat for three feet in front of the curb, in front of the car, in back of the car, in back of the next car and actually the whole street. So the option is I can jump and land with one leg in front of me and doing the James Brown split in front of the store window, or chose an alternative route. I chose an alternative and walk to the end of the block and find a storm sewer which I also know is glazed with ice like a donut. As I start gingerly walking across it I make it safely to the sidewalk. I get my soup and begin my trek back the same way, only thing is, as I am walking tightly along side the cars in the street a nice big old city bus goes by, spewing a fin of slush about, let's say mid thigh high and naturally gets me with this yucky brown, cold wet slop. I didn't see it coming but I saw them going, because I stood there frozen like my legs were, and in shock I think it was instant hyperthermia. I don't really know what to do, do I scrape the wet junk off of my pants or jump wet into a warm car and let it melt into the seats? I am needless to say not thinking this is too funny, I'm sure not as funny as the bus driver may have, if in fact they even knew what they did. So with a frozen rootbeer colored pant leg, I take my bare hand and whip off the chucks and then use a blanket for Iggy to soak up the rest. I didn't want to stand out there too long looking like a darn target for the next bus. Boy the heat sure felt good and better yet a bath when I got home. I even took a little nap in the tub!!! So beware the slop is upon us!!!

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