Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On our cool morning walk today, Iggy is looking for the perfect spot to do his duty. We have a thick blanket of snow so navigating the proper position and getting into a snow bank can be very frustrating. Although to do his little potty he maneuvered up a steep hill of snow, only to be up to his back in snow, just to get under a little evergreen tree to pee. So we keep walking, now we are standing next to a short wall of railroad ties and he stands up next to it as if he wants to go up there? No that is not what he is after, seriously there is a white tissue about 2 feet from the edge of the wall. A stinking white Kleenex, that he is jumping up and trying to get atop this wall to eat the treat? I mean he is persistent, his little legs are bobbing up and down, as if it is a meaty bone. I begin to shake my head and pull him in order to distract him. What is so funny is, the white tissue was hard to see in the first place because it is resting on top of white snow. The other thing it could be, is that he just wanted a distraction from his regular sniffing of every pee spot including his own for a four block area. hhhmmm "dog e mail" So after dragging him away from that stupid little tissue he was once again on track for the perfect place to do his job, right on the sidewalk...sigh.

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