Thursday, January 13, 2011

How can something so cute!!!

Stink so bad...seriously? There is nothing as stinky as a teenage boy, but this dog takes the cake! I sleep with a Cpap machine, my nose is covered and the air is filtered, last night I woke to something familiarly stinky and snoring away is the dirty white boy! It didn't wake him up but, it woke me up, whew. This brings a renewed awareness that if there were smoke it would probably wake me up too. I certainly didn't need the little gas bag to prove that to me though. He also has a knack for laying under the shop table when all the woman are around knitting, and soon you see the look of disgust on one knitters face and then it waifs to the next and then the whole table is gagging!!! It amazes me, but that is why he is so cute, so we don't get mad at him!!! My own personal gas bag!!! P U.....

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