Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cherry tea and me

Last night I met with a group of knitters for a casual dinner party and the hostess offered a variety of refreshments. I chose Cherry Green tea? I am not a tea fan,I prefer coffee but this tea tasted like those neatly wrapped foil Violet flavored candies at the check out. It was so good, I think I drained the pot, and I drank it well beyond a respectable time of night to be drinking caffeine. Well at my age anytime after 4 is a respectable time I suppose. I went to sleep just fine and at 2:48 boing, I was awake, wide awake. I slipped on my shoes and dragged my feet to the bathroom and released about four cups of the wonderfully flavored tea, and drudged back to bed. Crawling under the covers and finding that warm soft spot in the bed, I was not going to go back to sleep. I slipped my arm under the pillow next to me and found my Ipad, or fondly referred to as Paul, turned it on so the bright light lit up my face and made me fully aware that I was not returning to sleep. A game of Mai Jong, Crossword puzzle, that I had no clue what the clues were, not even the faintest idea, paged through Face book, Twitter and Ok Ok I'm am not going to try to force this issue. I get up and dressed and "who walks their dog at 4:30 am, unless of course you are not retired?? Now I really do love this time of day/night? It is quiet and there is a white blanket of freshly fallen snow, the plow went through and that may have woke me too? Up the hill we go Iggy pulling feverishly at the end of the leash, in a hurry to do his duty and me eyes half open, so badly wanting to be back in my bed, that warm spot with the covers pulled up around my neck, nestled into the dent in my pillow. This whole week has been hard for me to sleep, in retrospect this whole week I have been either eating late or drinking caffeine late. Oh Chai tea? full of caffeine. This week, I am making a point of not drinking or eating after...6:31pm only water. I may even add a little melatonin to my already growing supplement program. I want a nap and now it's 7am.....My heart goes out to people with insomnia, I love sleeping, I could make a habit of it, as a matter of fact I could easily slip into the part of a Koala bear, sleep 23 hours and eat 2 hours and do it all over again....

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