Friday, January 21, 2011

Hazard Warning

Alert, cleaning house is bad for your health.  I have Asthma and dust is a trigger, so is vacuuming and mopping and household cleaner smells and doing the wash and and.  Seriously though last time I scrubbed the stairway, the next day I thought I was having a heart attack, it was actually shoveling that gave me the pseudo heart attack.  That is just one more thing I can add to my list, but you know what makes me feel so good and it's like a miracle fix....spinning, knitting, playing.  I just pick up the needles or start to treadle and voila, I feel better.  So my thinking on that is "if it feels good, do it!" Isn't that the theme of the 70's?  I started a new scarf called Spitcurl, it is a fun knit, you cast on 200 stitches so it is a long hike along the needles but, if you look at the fact that you are building it the long way, you don't have to go too wide?  So it does grow fast.  It's also an easy knit for those Knit nights with a group, just plain garter stitch.  The Pattern is from Staceyjoy Elkin (Patternfish) and uses two colors of yarn, I am using Happy Hands,  Spirit in the Sky and Plum and it is yummy.  I will send a photo when it looks like something.  Well it doesn't look like anything but the colors are soooooo beautiful I have to share anyway.
Isn't that pretty and ohhhh so easy and relaxing.  It sure beats cleaning house, cooking, washing, whatever else brings on an Asthma attack.....insert a little chuckle here.

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