Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art Institute of Chicago on a budget

January is the month to go to the Art Museum in Chicago, it is free. Normally it is about $18.00, so that is quite a deal. They are also exhibiting a Fiber Art event. There are tapestries and weavings that are drop dead gorgeous. It is mind boggling how intricate some of these works are. I did look ahead of time to see if you could photograph, the answer on line was yes, the answer at the door was no? Although there were several people photographing the minute I aimed my camera, I got reminded, so I put it away. There was one work that looked like a Jellyfish with hundreds of tendrils hanging down and it just looked so peaceful and like a huge cat toy!! We took the Amtrack down and that is such a nice ride, and quick with no traffic. My face is wind burned from the early morning snowy walk to the Museum, it was a tad brisk, but we broke it up with breakfast and more coffee. Then we took a cab over to Loopy Yarn on 47 W. Polk, where I deposited a fair amount of dollars. If you are in the Chicago area it is a very nice yarn shop and Vicki is really sweet!! So our day went well and was fun! I love Chicago, other than Sunday, I will not be rooting for the Bears.
Amtrack trip $44.00 round trip
Breakfast for two with free coffee $7.00 (I know what a deal)
Museum Admission Free
Coat Check $1.00
Wasted money on Audio tour $7.00 (nothing in the Fiber exhibit had an audio)
Cab to Loopy Yarn $7.00 for two
Lunch at Pot Bellies for one, $7.00
Cab to Union Station $7.00 for two
Parking at the Amtrack station $5.00
I think the day was pretty reasonable for Chicago and Oh 10% sales tax...whew

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