Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Teachers

There is nothing so good as a someone that can share knowledge with others and do it well!!! I have been stuck on ripping this burgandy wine colored beautiful cashmere sweater. The color is rich and dark and so are the stitches. I am unable to see it very well and then I talked to a friend. He explained to me which way to start and which way to rip and I learned more from him in a 10 minute conversation than I could have read in hours. If you are thinking of redoing sweaters I highly recommend John Loeffelholz's class on Reconstructing sweaters!!! He is a genius and makes it so easy that when you find that magical thread that zips the whole sleeve off a sweater in one little pull, you will be as thankful as I am. Oh and a good set of magnifiers helps too, I couldn't see the stitches let alone describe them but now I am in ripping heaven!!!! Rippppp

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