Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like I always say...

I would never want to be a landlord, ever.  People do not take care of your things like they would their own.  There certainly are exceptions and yes you can get really good renters but oh the nightmares of bad ones.  The lady that owns the condo next to me rents it out to what I thought were nice people.  I actually have not had problem with them until the kid gassed me with exhaust fumes.  Cuckoo Sue's response was something like, "If you treat your neighbors like you would want to be treated, it would go a long way."  Now to preface this I did not gas them, seriously I did not, so I should be smiling as I am choking on Carbon Monoxide?  I thought she would address the problem and it is a serious problem if he were to keep doing it, but her remarks are..about everything but the issue.  Now I get an email with all sorts of lies in it that I complained about their barking dog?  Their dog doesn't bark, why would I ?  When they first moved in the dog howled painfully for days but I felt bad for the dog and with a big mouth dog like I have I would Never complain about that.   Then I don't like where the kid parks his car?  He isn't parking in my spot so I don't care, he rattled all the neighbors on the east side of the complex, not me, and the kid got really nasty with them on that side.  I know that I probably ticked off the mother, because I am complaining about her adult child that lives in the basement, and she is defending him and the fact that she likes living where she is, so of course, I am going to be made to look like the problem.  Believe me I can handle that!  But cuckoo Sue as she is referred to in our little village, must be off her meds again....oh did I say that?  Anyone have a long hose to gas my neighbors, I guess that is how you do things in her World.  
So on a great note, last weekend I had the dye class and it was a perfect day for it, today it is snowing fuzzies that are actually two weeks late this year ..thankfully.
One of the students that was overwhelmingly happy brought me a dozen roses yesterday.   What a wonderful unexpected gesture.  It made me feel good to know, I can't be that bad.   Maybe it comes in moments!!  LOL


Anonymous said...

Condo life may not be for you...

ST said...

To All the Readers of this Blog,
If any of you have lived in a condo association, you may be able to relate to having one unit owner being the person who attempts to micromanage everyone else within the association. Looking for others who are not following the bylaws while they themselves are breaching the same rules that they are enforcing. Jan is that representative for our association.
It is a shame that she would subject this information to the public, beyond the walls of her unit or of the Market Place Condominium/Shopping village.
My advice to all is, look for reputable blog sites that promote the well being of others, stress the positive and finally refuses to take a negative spin on life.

KnittyLynn said...


Love reading snarky comments.

you shouldn't have to worry about being gassed by your neighbors AND you have the right to complain to whomever you damn well want.

Seriously people.

Annie said...

You are really lucky you got the stench of his car at all! He was flooding your home and business as well as his home and business with deadly carbon monoxide. If he had done this early in the morning or at night, you might not have noticed at all :( Every winter there is some dumbass who tries to warm up a car in the garage and gasses their sleeping family, you cannot run a car inside the garage, even with doors open. It's dangerous.

So happy I read about this foolishness here and didn't see it on the 10pm news!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that your neighbors have the right to potentially kill you with carbon monoxide and damage your business contents. I would think the owner/landlord of the property would not want her tentants injuried nor your property damaged.

"If you treat your neighbors like you would want to be treated, it would go a long way." So ST, is she to gas her neighbors???

Yes Jan is involved with the condo association but that should be expect because she lives and runs a viable business with regular business hours unlike many others in the village. It is a shame when shoppers come on a Saturday and there are only 3-4 store fronts open at best.


Anonymous said...

Wow, ST, have you been taking in too much CO? It sounds like it? Micromanage? Wow! I do pray that Jan may be alive to continue blogging about her fiber arts, her classes and life from her point of view (ST-see the 1st ammendment). It would be a great misfortune if the fumes dispensed by her dipstick neighbor were to sicken her, her customers or worse. Jan, we need more people tellin it like it is.

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