Monday, June 27, 2011

Cafe Knitting trip

Warning: This is a positive blog for my disgruntled followers?  Why would you read something you don't like,  isn't that kind of weird?  or is that stalking?

Yesterday was a great day, friends and I traveled from one outdoor coffee shop to another knitting.  Not to mention we were riding around in a convertible, and just enjoying the wonderful day.  We get those perfect days so seldom,  in Wisconsin, it was great to take advantage of them(positive).  I finished the Smocking Square for the KAL and I really like it (positive)!  I also started the Exploding Moss Stitch square, (another positive, how is my score?)  or is that a minus because it is not finished yet?  We drank plenty of fluids (positive)  and ended up having a great dinner outside.  So the whole day we were outdoors enjoying the sunshine. (positive)  We took a ride through the park and I realized it has been ages since I was on a picnic.  A real picnic with a grill and coolers and knitting or spinning.  I think I need to plan a picnic potluck for fiber friends!  (positive, right?)  I have an idea where it can be held, with a shelter, just in case we get some rain.  (positive planning, veering slightly to the negative thinking it may rain.)  So this event would be open to anyone interested, I just need to find a date.  Wishing you all, today and this week, boundless happiness and peaceful thoughts, and please remember to treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated.