Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice weather, good book

It sure has been nice and cool here. I love this weather it keeps my Cranky Pants in the closet I do not do well with heat, it really makes me crabby!! Yesterday I ran to Whole Foods, thought I would grab lunch and the milk chocolate covered graham crackers that are to die for. I was filling my bucket with food, they use these paper mache plant holders for their buffet bar, then they weigh it, and I try to keep it under $10.00 but one time with all the heavy stuff it went to $12. As I was standing there debating on my choices, my DIL walks up. What a surprise, she was home from work with a bad cold and came to get soup. We had lunch together it was such a pleasant surprise and a joy. She is such an independent thinking woman, she is also very supportive of her husband my son. She is very good for him and supports him in all of his ventures. She is not the type of person to say this stuff to make me feel good or to "win" me over. She is too confident for that, and not the type to try to impress me, she is far too smart for that. I love that about her. I know where she stands, she is not sugar coated. On the other hand it can be a little off setting because you just get used to people saying what you want to hear, and she comes along and blows that out of the water. LOL. I knit her a cashmere cowl, and, I could see didn't like it, she couldn't hide that. I was a little miffed, but then appreciated that she wasn't just going to take it and put it away and never use it, and me thinking she liked it and showering her with more of the same. It is a win win for us both. I don't feel obligated, besides she has a grandma from Serbia that knits Aran sweaters with no pattern. She is a wonderful lady and doesn't know what they call knitting, it gets lost in translation. It was a very nice lunch that we had, I hope she feels better!!

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