Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Worst Pedicure ever~~

So I stopped to get a much needed pedicure.  I went to a new place on 76th and Rawson, I think the name is CN's nails, I am trying to think of the real name that would use those initials, like Crappy Nails, or Cuticle Nicking!  I get this beautiful and I mean really pretty Asian woman, she has perfect bone structure and a little nose with full lips and smooth skin, her hair is of course long and layered.  I can see why so many men google after Asian woman, that and the fact that in their minds these woman are submissive Geisha girls that will walk on their backs and serve their every need.  Well pretty Asian girl speaks no English but knows how to take a Credit card, with ease.  She points with a grumpy face to the footbath and starts running the water, I put my feet into a Shrimp boil temp...whew I say and retract my feet like it is hot lard...this should have been my first inclination that she is a "mean bitch".  She may be pretty but watch out.  She keeps her head down as she cools the water off and then hits the bath for me to replace my feet.  I put my foot cautiously into the water and then she takes the well loved Asian potato brush and starts scrubbing, she removes the old nail polish and then with lightning speed clips my toenails almost off.  Yeah not all the way off, but almost, and then pulls them when they pick her?  Then she files them....kind of.  She is much better at filing my skin.  I normally can read while I get a pedicure but I am keeping an eye on this one.  So she gets that shovel like clippers for the cuticle and starts pecking at the my cuticle using a stabbing motion, she is cutting and plucking and Holy Crap she nicks me, I retract my foot once again and I see blood, she reaches for a little green bottle...she puts green soap right on it....now I can do an Indian Spirit dance and I am not even moving.  It burns so bad but without even a look she just keeps pecking plucking and pulling at my cuticle.  I am sweating now, I want to go home, but I am not done, my toenails are hanging at 1/2 mast, my toe is bleeding, my soles are burned.  So much for freeking pretty, this is one ornery bitch.   I guess I can't quite believe she is so mean and I here I was going to compliment her cute top, but now I see her little gut roll smushing tight against it.  I start wishing bad things on her, and not because she is so damn pretty but mean.  She starts to color my nails and from where my head is at and that is the other end of my feet I can see she is missing top coat on the edges but I don't care, I hate her now and I am not leaving her a tip.  I am walking out if I can and going home to sanitize my feet.  So I did, and I had to file my toenails to get the rough edges off of them?  No wonder the place was empty when I walked in...and I will never go back there for the Asian torture treatment.