Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a ride

This has been some weather ride we are having. Yesterday was the end of a three day stretch of hot humid weather. The heat makes me crabby, can't help it, I am miserable. I can't breath and breathing is such a basic function, and when you can't take an easy breath, you just get crabby. Today all the windows are open and I would do coffee on the deck but the chairs are wet. I am still enjoying this cool weather. The shop is getting ready for WWKIP day and Square Up the afghan KAL. All of this is on Saturday. Brown Sheep yarn is always so good about, I call in the order I get the yarn 2-3 days later. This time they are so busy, due to an article about them being American made, I called on Monday just to check and she says, we will get it out Tuesday!!!! Ok some pressure there so I think it is coming in Friday....then I have to get it ready for Saturday...or maybe I will get a gift and it will come in today!! No pressure?
I am also out of my life giving Oil!! I use Moroccan Oil to moisturize, it is a miracle for me, it is expensive but remember your skin is the largest organ you have on your body and what you put on it goes into it. This Winter I did not get any dematitis on my legs or arms. I am squeezing the glass bottle trying to get the last drips out of the little brown miracle oil. That is due to arrive today also...please. I can feel the difference, skin is getting a little tight, and itchy. The thing with Moroccan oil, is, it is only harvested in Morocco and a woman's co-op is the only place you can buy it from. It is from an Aragon nut, and harvested and processed to develope jobs for woman in that country. Win win win, where the hell is my oil?

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