Monday, June 20, 2011

I so need sleep

So yesterday was Father's day and Village Spinners spinning at Fixx. My SIL went with her mom to visit her brother in Minnesota. My brother was up north at their trailer with the dogs relaxing, then my phone rang. I kind of wasn't going to answer it, I figured he was just bored and wanted to chat, but I did answer it and glad I did. He drove or was still driving with a kidney stone attack. I asked where he was and he sounded like he was dying, he said he was trying to get home because he had the dogs in the car. I calmly told him to go to the hospital and I would be there in a few minutes to take the dogs to his house and it would all be fine. I did that and then went back to the hospital where he was in a room on a bed, writhing in pain. When asked to measure his pain it was 12, this coming from someone on two percocets already. It hurt me to watch him suffer so, but I was glad I could be there for him. We got out of there at 9pm where I decided, I would not want to be alone in that kind of pain and his pain had subsided a bit but they told him, if he gets nauseated and feels like he is passing out he should go back in. So I spent my night in a recliner, needless to say I got about an hour of sleep. Iggy was happy he slept with his Uncle. I watched every crappy movie and sitcom there is at that hour. He woke up feeling pretty good, no stone passed. I left took Igster to daycare, dropped off his prescriptions and took a two hour nap. Then I went back to spend some more time with Scott. I left about 3, did some errands came home. He is in the midst of another attack right now but Cheryl is home and at least someone is with him. I am sitting in my living room and I hear a low humming like a boombox car, Mr Fix it next door started his fixer upper up and is gassing me. The house is full of fumes and so is the shop, he had the door open a foot or two. I run out and holler at him that he is killing me and my house is full of gas fumes. He apologizes to me, he didn't realize what was happening. So now I have a migraine the phone rings it's my mom, Scott has a kidney stone, I know mom, I was there,
he said you were, I wish I could do something for him
well unfortunately we can't
what? he has a kidney stone
yes I know
I know, mom (I am now yelling and my neighbors know too)
teeehheeeeee heeeeeeee tteeee heeeee, it must be my phone were you open today
YES, (it's my new canned answer)
I thought you were closed on Monday, How much did that lady send you a bill for
Mom I better hang up now,
Oh I have another call mom, bye...
I am going to bed right now, before my head explodes..