Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trickle Effect

So I have started painting the kitchen area with a Parakeet Green, please don't cringe in horror, wait till you hear the rest of the colors, like the Gusto gold on a short wall that touches the Parakeet Green wall that will adjoin the Rage Red wall that will meet the Mocha Wall, otherwise known as the Kill yourself painting wall. Trust me, it will all look good but when I was teling my son about it, he had to hang up and get some Mexican Food. That comment caused me to recoil and readdress the color choices? Holy Amigo??? I can see it going that way but I am looking for a more Route 66 billboard color scheme. But rest assured, I pulled out the color cards again and until you see it, it sounds like a train wreck or Peewee Hermans playhouse. The red is a deep red that I have accent pillows the same color and I love it....also on an accent pillow, I just noticed I picked the same green and mustard?? So subconciously i must like it, or I would not be PAYING someone to paint it. I love red walls and this red is a safe bet when you put artwork on it, everycolor looks good with it, I saw it. So now the trickle effect, I hate and I mean hate picking window treatments....detest....I found a valance at Pennys that is called Khaki stripe and matches one panel in my carpeting, do I dare putting stripe on the window which will be a red wall and the stripe is shades of brown but would carry the floor to the wall???? If I put stripe on the three windows will it look like a circus, I hate stripes, but this may work, but my better judgement says not. I looked at roman shades and Holy buckets....$300 per window, my thinking is I am leaving the window plain no nothing I have blinds and I am loving the blinds more than ever?? This is the beginning what else will look like crap when you just painted to get away cheap!!!! Note to self: Nothing is cheap ....

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anniebanniefofannie said...

$300 per window? that's madness!
All my blinds came from the penney's website in the outlet section. 2 inch wooden blinds for about $20 a pair, usually $100-120.
I know they have roman shades online all the time, too.

Or the Martha Stewart line from Kmart is actually very nice. I have been very pleased with the curtains I have from there. Mainly she has curtain panels, though and not much choice, but if you are going with a neutral, you might find something you like and you can look at them online to see if there is anything you want to investigate in person.